Ever been intimidated by people in-game? Ever been grieved for not skipping past a cutscene or because you don't know how to beat every single duty perfectly?

It's an all-to-common occurrence that we've all experienced. No matter your character's iLvl and your personal skill-range, we promote a stress-free environment for members to relax, learn and enjoy the game at their own pace without having to worry about being made to feel inferior to others.

This is the heart of our Free Company's ideology and has allowed us to grow and enjoy every aspect of the game together as a family.


Summer Event Competition

It's time for our long-awaited summer event! As we look forward to what kind of bigger events we can hold in the following months, we decided to let y...


The website now supports the uploading of screenshots. Currently, only a small pool of members have access to this new tool. If you would like your sc...

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