This page introduces all of the management, we all contribute to discussions and help make No Pressure a place everyone can enjoy. Feel free to contact any of us at any time!



I'm a Team Leader at Lincolnshire Co-Operative. I live in a top floor apartment, so naturally my legs are akin to that of an Olympic athlete; taking the bins out is now my least favourite thing in the universe. Speaking of universe, I have a supermassive (bonus points if you get that reference) interest in astronomy. I've been fascinated with the cosmos ever since I first stared up and noticed some bright dots in the night sky. Can I go into cyro until space travel is a thing, please? Other interests include synthwave music, old-school kung fu movies, world history, cooking and ASMR.

I'm from England, though, I've family all around the United Kingdom; Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Fun fact: my family name - [Dooley] - is Irish and originates from the 12th century Gaelic O' Dubhlaoich meaning 'The male descendant of the Dark Hero'. Pretty cool!

Discord cosmicsynth#6122



Hiyas! I am Ayan, nice to meet ya! I have been a huge FF fan since I can remember and that is a long time since I am super old. If ya ask me I'll probably say something like "I'm one hundred and eleventy-three!" which is how old I feel.

I was addicted to FFXI before starting FFXIV and have been here since PS3 before transferring to PS4. I am a well-travelled soul and have characters on many servers before finally settling here with this amazing group. I am always down to help with anything be it Sastasha all the way to savage raiding. I play almost every class, but you will usually see me on Samurai or Paladin.

I live in the US so you might see me at odd hours, but if ya see me and need help or advice hit me up. I am usually gaming, but when I'm not doing that, I play guitar in a post-metal band, or I watch movies/anime or I read. I LOVE reading! if there is anything else you'd like to know about me, don't be afraid to ask.

Discord Zero#7056


I'm a programmer by day and a gamer by night. I love both my job and gaming and sometimes I love to mix the two. I've played games from an early age. I play most genres but MMOs are what I love. I've logged major time in games like Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic and many more. I've always been part of communities in these games and I believe that the right community can make an MMO even more memorable and enjoyable.

I'm always happy to help and even if I'm not online, I'm not far away, just drop me a message and I'll reply as soon as I can. I'm helping out with all aspects of the FC but I mainly focus on the Discord server and website. If you have any issues then just send me a message and if I don't know the answer I will find it out for you.

Discord Kode#0001


I live in Iceland with my wife Herja and have we been playing FFXIV for a couple of years now. FFXIV is the first final fantasy that I have played even though I'm a huge RPG fan and I have played a lot of old RPGs like Baldurs Gate and Fallout. When in-game you will often find me at the FC house or crafting and I'm always willing to answer a question you might have or help you with whatever is needed at the time.

Discord Leonark#8707


I’m the newest addition to the Council, known as (she)Noah! While I have played this game for 6 years now, my entrance to this FC has just been recent. I was always jumping from one MMO to another and never stuck to one place until I’ve met FFXIV. Being a huge fan of story-driven MMO’s this was like a love letter sent by SE. Naturally, my love for story-driven games extends to a multitude of single-player games, so if you don’t see me playing FFXIV, I’m probably playing something else (or getting puked on by lovely customers at odd hours). I recently picked up the violin so if there are any classical music enthusiasts out there, let’s bond!

Good camaraderie is important to me so if you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to reach out. I’m always ready to nerd it out over games, art, books, music or anything really. Having a healthy interest in the world can lead to an interesting conversation, otherwise, we can always beat up some enemies and call it a day!

Discord N.#8033